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Equipment That Makes Area Rug Dusting & Cleaning Profitable

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Hi, I’m Dusty Roberts and I’ve spent my entire adult life in the carpet cleaning industry. During the last decade I’ve focused exclusively on area rugs and the biggest, most embarrassing problem I faced was finding a way to remove the heavy damaging sediments. I’ve tried every method known to man but they all left the destructive sediments behind.

What that meant was, if I ever dropped a "cleaned" rug on the floor, dirt and grit would fly out the ends and create a little cloud of debris. I learned very quickly never to drop or unroll a rug in front of a customer, because they would see the all the debris jump out and question whether I actually cleaned their rug.

dusty-badger-smThat’s why I created the RugBadger.

Using the power of over 40,000 harmonic vibrations/min, the RugBadger completely separates heavy sediments and dirt from any area rug. With all the dry soil & harmful elements removed first, the final cleaning process becomes quick and easy. The amount of time spent cleaning a rug is reduced by as much as 50% (sometimes more) which means you automatically boost your profits.

But I've also created entire lines of other area rug cleaning equipment.

I didn't just stop there. When you explore this site you'll find everything you need to successfully clean all types of area rugs. Everything from dust and sediment removal, to washpits, centrifuges, dry towers, education, marketing and much, much more.

So if you clean antique Persian rugs, cheap big box store area rugs or anything in between, you'll discover can supply you with the equipment you need to do it faster, easier and much more profitably.