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ARea Rug Loader For The RugRevolution Centrifuge Wringers The Fastest and Easiest Way To Load Heavy
Wet Area Rugs Into A Centrifuge Wringer

If you ever had to load a large soaking wet area rug into a centrifuge wringer by hand you know just how nasty a back breaking job it can be.

The RugBadger Area Rug Loaders makes loading rugs into a centrifuge wringer a total breeze. Some of the immediate benefits you'll notice right away is:

You only need two people to handle large rugs. Without the loader you're going to require 3 to 4 people help lift, hold, carry and stuff the rug into the centrifuge wringer.

You only have to lift the rug onto the loader - then move the loader to the centrifuge wringer. Without a loader you're forced to use 3-4 guys to help lift, hold, carry and stuff large rugs into the wringer by hand. This causes a problem because large wet rugs are slippery, awkward to hold and if someone slips they could potentially injure themselves. The last thing you wantis to lose a cleaner and then deal with all the workers compensation paperwork.

You can safely move large wet area rugs around the shop floor. Once the rug is on the loader, it's easy for one or two people to safely maneuver the entire unit over to the centrifuge. All the dangerous handling issues are completely eliminated.

It only takes one person to load or unload rugs into a centrifuge wringer. With the entire weight of the rug distributed evenly over the rollers, all it takes is one person to push the rug into the centrifuge - the rollers do all the work.

Check out this video and see for yourself just how easy the RugBadger area rug loader makes moving, loading and unloading and size area rug.

A full demonstration of the RugBadger Area Rug Loader


Full 1 year Limited Warranty.