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Most of the physical aspects between the RugBadger Cub, RugBadger EL & RugBadger Pro are identical. But there are a few critical differences.


The RugBadger "Cub"

CUB= Compact, Ultralite, Badger  (discover how we came up with the name here!)

The smallest RugBadger is designed to help carpet cleaners that have the dream to start a rug cleaning profit center in their home garage or basement and care about doing a better job then their competition.
The RugBadger "Cub" will still vibrate the ground-in abrasive damaging soils from your clients rugs with ease.  This machine has a very attractive price point, but is still engineered for years of trouble free service.
With 15 single ended straps and a continuous duty heavy duty 1/2 Hp motor you will love the way it helps you to start building your rug care profit center!



rugbadgerel The RugBadger EL

The RugBadger EL is a light duty machine designed for those companies that clean rugs part time and want to do the best possible job for their clients. It's the ideal machine for those who want to enter into the Oriental rug care field with the minimum of cost.

With only 25 single ended straps and a 3/4 HP motor, the RugBadger EL area rug cleaning machine is best suited for rug cleaning facility with low volume and cleans primarily light area (not thick) rugs. 

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rugbadger The RugBadger Pro

The RugBadger Pro is a true workhorse designed for extremely heavy duty use.

With 25 Double Ended Vibro-Straps and a 1 HP High Torque motor, this machine can remove dirt and heavy sediments quickly and easily all day long from any type of rug - especially really thick ones.

The other RugBadger Pro advantage is the vacuum port which helps eliminate any dust from contaminating the air you breathe especially on extremely filthy thick rugs.

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You can use any type of vacuum including a portable one that can be attached to a RugBadger Pro as pictured above.

RugBadger Pro with portable vacuum closeupThe RugBadger Pro's Vacuum Port can accept any standard vacuum hose which helps keep your shop and the air you breathe a lot cleaner.

Advantages At A Glance

Features RugBadger Pro RugBadger EL RugBadger RugCub

Harmonic Vibrations Over 47,000/min 20,000+/min 15,000+/min
Vibro-straps 25 double ended straps 25 single ended  15 single ended
Motor Full 1 HP - High Torque 3/4 HP  1/2 HP Continuous
Vacuum Port Yes No No
Warranty 5 Full Years
Virtually unlimited*
  2year limited**
2 year limited**

This warranty is effective from Oct 1-2012

* This RugBadger Pro warranty includes everything from the high torque motor to the Vibro-Straps. The only thing that is not included is the paint and dents. The cord is also included but does not include nicks or cuts.  Vibro-straps will be replaced up to one time when found to be cracked at base or worn shorter then 10 1/4" as per this page http://rugbadger.com/vibro-straps.html

** warranty on the CUB and EL does not include paint, dents, cord, vibro-straps, or drive belt.