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With the new RugBadger EZ-Tower line of area rug dry towers...

Hang up to 2160 Sq Ft of area rugs on a
dry tower that not only fits in a two car garage
but also rolls
to anywhere you want!

The RugBadger EZ-Tower - Dry Tower Systems

The RugBadger EZ-Tower is one the easiest pieces of area rug cleaning equipment to use.

With "patent applied for" innovations, this area rug dry tower was designed so that just one person can:

  • Assemble it in minutes

  • Fit it into any type of workspace - like a 2-car garage

  •  Easily lift 500+ lb soaking wet rugs 6
     feet high

  • Use it without motors, pulleys, cables or ropes

Watch the 2 videos below to see EXACTLY how easy it is for anyone to use...

Demo of the RugBadger EZ-Tower inside a 2-Car Garage

Demonstration of the EZ-Tower being used in a 2-car garage


Demo of all the RugBadger EZ-Tower Features

Full demo of all the EZ-Tower features

Now that you've watched the videos, here is some additional information

Example of EZ-Tower Pro setup with a 13' span. 
  • Will easily hold eight 12' x 13' rugs, four 5x11 rugs and sixteen 3' x 12' runners! That equates to well over 2000 square feet of rug drying hangers with a footprint of just 6'x13' (please allow up to 20' in space to operate with a 13' span)
  • Adding an optional wheel truck set up lets you easily move your whole load outside for a "FREE solar dry"
  • To be able to keep the cost of the EZ-Tower down and the shipping charges rock bottom you will need to buy the following materials:

    Twelve 2"x4" for poles at the length that works best for you. For example, if you want a 13' span, we recommend that you have 3' overhang on both ends for good leverage which also doubles as bonus hanging poles for runners!

    Eight 2"x4" poles for the ends for more bonus hanging poles. Have these cut at 6.5' and hang your smaller rugs at the ends.

    One roll of PVC corrugated drainage tile. Cut these about 6" smaller then your pole with for easy operation.
  • The whole cost of these additions should be under $300


Which One Of These EZ-Towers Is Perfect For Your Area Rug Cleaning Business?


Click on any of the three EZ-Tower Versions to get more information on that specific model

EZ-Tower EL

EZ-Tower Pro

EZ-Tower Pro Max

EZ-Tower EL

 EZ-Tower Pro

 EZ-Tower Pro Max

The RugBadger EZ-Tower 100% "Oops!" Satisfaction Guarantee

I know how important it is to feel you've made a right decision - especially when buying new equipment. The last thing you want is to do is feel like you made a mistake and then be stuck with area rug cleaning equipment you can't use or even want.

So that's why The EZ-Tower has a 100% "Oops!" Satisfaction Guarantee.

You have to feel 100% confident with your purchase. If for any reason you're not happy with your EZ-Tower, just give me a call. The whole package is fully returnable, refundable & exchangeable within 30 days from the moment you accept delivery.

So, go ahead, test everything out.

Set up the EZ-Tower in any space you want - like a two car garage.

Discover just how easy it is to lift up heavy, soaking wet rugs to a height of over 6 feet.

See for yourself the staggering amount of rugs you can hang to dry in a compact sized space.

Smile at the fact you'll save money on electricity by rolling your fully loaded EZ-Tower outside so the power of the sun can quickly dry your rugs.

Then, if at 30 days you're still not convinced your EZ-Tower makes drying area rugs faster, easier and more profitable, call me right away and I'll arrange to to have everything picked up and your money completely refunded.

What could be more fair than that?

Helping you get more out of rugs,

Stephen "Dusty" Roberts