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 EZ-Tower Pro Dry Tower System 

An Advanced Dry Tower System With
Lineal Feet Of Drying Capacity

The RugBadger EZ-Tower Pro is one of the most innovative dry tower available anywhere.

The Pro design, features the advanced "rug lifting ladder system" that allows a single person to raise heavy wet rugs to a height of just over 6 feet with little effort.

The EZ-Tower Pro eliminates the need to have pulleys, cables or motors to lift up rugs in the air so they can dry. This makes it easy to set up and use virtually anywhere - including a 2-car garage.

As with all EZ-Towers, the width between the two sides is completely determined by you. This way your EZ-Tower is guaranteed to fit in any workspace you have available as long as you have a minimum 7 foot high ceiling.

Watch this quick video to discover all the features the Pro Tower offers:

EZ-Tower Pro Dry Tower - Side View 
Side View of the RugBadger EZ-Tower Pro

EZ-Tower Pro Dry Twower System - Top Front Side View   Front/Side View of the RugBadger EZ-Tower Pro

Feature EZ-Tower EL EZ-Tower Pro EZ-Tower Pro Max
Maximum Rug Hanging Space*
(in lineal feet)
120 140 184
Maximum Rug Hanging Space*
(in square footage)
1440 1680 2160
Bonus hanging area for shorter rugs (in lineal feet) 0 20 120
Number of full height hangers 6 7 8
# of lbs the EZ Tower is rated for 1250 2500 2500
Can Be Assembled By One Person
Adjustable Width Between Dry Tower Sides
Optional Wheels Available
6 Cross Beam Rug Hanging Slots
Protective Powder Coated Paint  
Heavy Large Rugs Can Be Lifted By One Person  
Rug Lifting/Hanging Ladder Rungs
(front side)
Rug Lifting/Hanging Ladder Rungs
(back side)
Rug Hanging Ladder Rungs (Left/Right)    

*Based on a standard 20 foot long 2x4 which gives you a 13 foot span between Dry Tower sides and a 3.5 foot over hang on both ends.

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