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Yes, it's absolutely true - you  can charge an average of $7 per sq ft for cleaning and caring for Oriental rugs. And at times it can even go as high as $12 per sq ft or more.

Okay, I know what you must be thinking.

$7 to $12 seems totally unbelievable especially considering that the fact the most you're able to charge for carpets is about 60 cents a sq ft.

So your question to me is how in the world can area rugs be worth $7 when it's just another floor covering like carpets?

Well, the secret lies in the understanding that people value their area rugs much more than their carpets and will pay astonishing amounts to make sure they last for decades.

Over the last ten years, I took that little secret and developed a strategy around it that is so refined, so easy to implement, and so staggeringly profitable, it literally is a quantum leap beyond anything you've ever encountered before.

In this Secret Strategy DVD, you're going to get every single "behind the scenes" method, procedure and process I use everyday to successfully get my clients to spend an average of $7 a square foot to care for their Oriental rugs.

Here's A Sneak Peak At What You'll Get

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When this DVD gets delivered to you,you'll have in your hands the keys to making Oriental rug cleaning the most profitable division in your company!

Here's why...

This DVD will reveal to you:  

  • How a single sheet of paper can ignite a fury of sales anytime you bring it out. Every time you use this technique, your profits will automatically go up without ever having to say a single word.

  • How to hypnotically lead your clients into selling themselves on additional services and make them think it was all their idea. This may sound complicated but it's actually easier than falling down. In fact the whole process is so automated, you never even have to say a thing - your clients do all the selling for you!

  • What the single most profitable recommendation you can ever suggest to a client. This will not only double your profits but it will also virtually guarantee they bring their rugs back again in less than 6 months to be cleaned again.

  • How to run an ongoing contest that generates profits and creates immense customer loyalty. Far from anything you've ever encountered before, this unique contest is specifically designed to make you money. Not only that but it has the added benefit of bringing you new referrals, create deeper customer loyalty and make all your local rug dealers want to promote you.

  • The two ways to make profits with allergen control. The latest statistics show that 1 in 4 people in North America suffer from allergies. That makes your allergen control extremely appealing to your customer and very lucrative for you. Now you have not one but twoways to make money removing allergens from area rugs.

  • A irresistible service you can offer your clients that will automatically double your profits. For many cleaners, this particular service is way beyond their abilities and they would have to refuse to do it. But not you. In fact, once you know this simple technique, not only will you make double the money, you won't even have to do it yourself.

You'll also find out:

  • How to get beautiful, high quality, $200 - $300 hand knotted area rugs for as little as .99 cents. Once you know how the secret to buying good quality rugs at unheard of prices, you'll have a highly valued item perfect for giving to special clients, to use in contests or to send as gifts. You get all this with just pocket change!!

  • How to eliminate moths from wool rugs without using any toxic chemicals. Your clients will love knowing you have a totally "green method" to eliminate moths for their rugs without ever using any harmful chemicals whatsoever. This particular method was developed and kept hidden by an entirely different industry and only recently discovered to be perfect for an Oriental rug cleaning business. You'll not believe how extremely effective and cheap this is to do!

  • How to make your clients think you own a full in-house rug repair facility without actually having one. Discover how easy it is to become a hero by repairing a customer's valuable rug, get countless referrals, make impressive profits and do it all without ever having to know the first thing about repairs.

Plus there's much, much more!

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