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Vibro-Straps For The RugBadger

Inject New Cleaning Power Into your RugBadger With
A New Set Of Genuine RugBadger Vibro-Straps

Is your RugBadger not performing as well as it did when it was brand new?

Then it's probably time to replace your old worn out vibro-straps with a brand new set.

Rated at over 3000 rug cleanings, these replacement vibro-straps will give your RugBadger back the awesome dust removal power it's  become famous for all over the world.

These are Genuine RugBadger Vibro-Straps engineered specifically for long life and maximum impact.

Only $220.

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How To Know When Your Vibro-Straps Need Replacing

Are the vibro-straps under your RugBadger starting to look a bit like the 2 images below?


(What cracked, split or worn vibro-straps looks like)

The way to tell for sure is to unbolt a suspect strap with a 1/2 inch socket wrench as shown below.

(A 1/2inch socket wrench is used to remove straps)

If after removing the vibro-straps you see it's cracked or split  on any part (like in the first image above) then you need to replace the whole set.

But more than likely you'll probably see the ends have just worn down and look a lot like the vibro-strap pictured below:

(What the end of a used vibro-strap should look like)

In this case you will need to measure the full length of the vibro-strap. If it is less than 10 1/4 inches you will need to replace the entire set immediately.

(Measure to verify vibro-straps are longer than 10 1/4")

At 10 1/4 inches, you've already lost more
than 50% of it's soil removing impact power.

Don't wait until your straps are worn and costing you both time and money before you replace them You should always have a spare set on hand. You know, one to show and one to go!

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